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Wedding Gift Ideas for a Husband

Sep 17, 2008

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Usually on a wedding day there is an intense focus on the bride, as this is considered to be her day.  A lot of times the new husband is left out; there are usually bride's gifts, gifts for both of them, groomsmen gifts, bridal party gifts, and wedding favors.

... it is your job to not forget the most important man in your life.

Every one at a wedding is receiving thanks or recognition on this special day except for the other half of the couple that everyone came together for.  As the new bride, it is your job to not forget the most important man in your life.  When you are doing all of the planning for your perfect day, make sure you include a list of wedding gift ideas for your husband.

One great source of inspiration are your parents - your mother and father might have some great wedding gift suggestions to show this very special man how especially important he is to you.  You will need to take your time and come up with something that signifies the intense love you have for him.

As a new bride ... you may still want to show him how much you appreciate him.

With the costs of a wedding and honeymoon becoming so expensive, many young couples have opted to consider the honeymoon itself as the gift.  As a new bride, however, you may still want to show him how much you appreciate him.

In order to get great wedding gift ideas, focus on the personality of your new spouse as your inspiration for the task.  If he is soft spoken and shy, you may want to give him a small unassuming gift that speaks softly to his soul.  If he is an active person who is usually busy and on the go, you may want to give him something that makes his day smoother.  If he is a romantic, you may want to give him a gift that makes him fall in love with you all over again.

Of course, when you are coming up with wedding gift suggestions, keep your budget in mind.  You would not want the gift you give your new husband to be a financial problem.  Ideally, you want something that doesn’t cost too much, but speaks in volumes of your love and devotion.

You want to remind him of great trips, humorous stories, and ...

A good wedding gift idea would be to create a photo collection of all the things that led up to the wedding. Show him all of the good times that you both have had over the years that helped you fall in love with him.  You want to remind him of great trips, humorous stories, and funny situations that lead up to the day he asked you to marry him.  This is an inexpensive wedding gift idea that will fit into any budget.

Another great wedding gift suggestion would be to give your new husband gifts for his favorite sporting event.  For instance, you could get him tickets to his favorite basketball, baseball, hockey, or football team.  Another wedding gift idea would be a day playing most men's favorite sport - a great game of golf.  Try giving him a free weekend of golf or adding a fantasy sporting event to your list of wedding gift ideas.  The best thing to remember is that anything that relates to the type of sport or hobby he likes will show him how much you care about his sports passions.

Another wedding gift idea you might consider would be an upgrade you know he wants for his car - something to sweeten his ride.  If you take a man's car as seriously as he does, he'll know that you love him.

When considering wedding gift suggestions for your new husband, you may want to ask his friends and family if they know of anything specific that he really wants.  You want to make this day as special for him as it is for you.  He already loves you and respects your needs, or you would not be marrying him; now it is your turn to show him you feel the same.

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