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The Best Outdoorsman Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

May 9, 2008

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Whether your boyfriend is a rugged outdoorsman or simply wishes to become one, you might find that an anniversary gift that relates to his interests is a great idea.  If he has an interest in the outdoors, you'll discover that you are in luck, and that there are a number of different things that you can get that will both show him how much you care, and let him know how interested you are in what he loves.  By taking some time to think about the sort of outdoor sporting that he usually does and by ensuring that you are in a good place to think about what it is that he enjoys, you'll be able to buy some great outdoor anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

When you are thinking about great outdoorsman gifts for your boyfriend, think about why he likes to go outdoors.

When you are thinking about great outdoorsman gifts for your boyfriend, think about why he likes to go outdoors.  Is he a hunter who takes off twice a year with his friends, or does he simply like camping out on his own?  What level of survival does he enjoy?  You'll find that while some men love nothing more than to head out with just a few supplies, others prefer to go more fully equipped.  By finding out what his goals are and what he gets out of camping or his outdoor experiences, you'll have a much better idea of what to get him.

Take a look at the equipment that he already owns.  You'll find that when you do this, there are two distinctly different, but equally valuable, things that you can learn.  In the first place, you can figure out what he already has and avoid buying repeats.  In addition, you can also figure out if your man as any sort of brand loyalty that you should adhere to.  It’s definitely one thing if all of his outdoors equipment is simply a hodgepodge of various brands and makers, but if you find that all of his gear comes from one company, you might want to ask him why that is or do your own research.  When you are looking for outdoorsman anniversary gifts for your boyfriend, you'll find that there are many different things that you need to consider.

Does he need a tent or a backpack replaced? Could he use some warmer clothes?

One of the most utilitarian things that you can do is to upgrade or replace his equipment.  Typically, camping gear doesn't have the same sentimental value that other goods do; you won't be stepping on any toes when you go to replace his hiking boots, for instance.  This does take some effort, as your boyfriend might be picky about the equipment he has, so listen up the next time he starts talking about gear.  Does he need a tent or a backpack replaced?  Could he use some warmer clothes?  This is a great clue to help you figure out what he needs and what you can provide.

Of course, when you are shopping for anniversary gifts for your boyfriend, one of the best things that you can do is ensure that you'll be using your gift together.  For instance, if the season is right, you can start off the gift-giving by presenting him with a tent that is big enough for two, and then kidnapping him away for a great weekend trip.  If your boyfriend is a real outdoorsman, there is a chance that he's been to every campground in the area, so why not try to surprise him by taking him a little further afield?  Don't worry about the weather, just do your research.  You can still have a great time camping even if it rains or snows.  As a matter of fact, some people really love winter camping.

Most guys who would love to live outdoors also love gadgets...

There are plenty of great gifts for that special outdoorsman in your life, so take a good look around.  Most guys who would love to live outdoors also love gadgets, so look around for something that he would find really handy.  While he probably already has a knife that he likes, keep an eye out for a good multi-tool that he can include in his outdoor activities.  Remember that a well-fitted backpack can also be quite important when you are camping, and if you need a fun gift to lead into something bigger, think about starting with some well-padded socks for his hiking boots.

If you have an interest in great anniversary gifts for your boyfriend that has something to do with his outdoors hobbies, the best thing you can do is look at what he does, and how you can help him do it!

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