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Graduation Party Favors Ideas

Jun 5, 2009

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Graduate Gifts

Graduation parties are the hallmark of years of study and effort.  They should be well planned and special to tell the graduate that you understand all his effort for this day to take place.  Besides the food, guest list, and decorations that go with high school or college graduation themes, you will probably need ideas for graduation party favors.  You can find graduation party favors ideas at your local store, but of course, online ideas are far more plentiful and easier to access.

Graduation party favors ideas are available on many different websites.  These miniature gifts for guests give them a memento of the graduate’s special day and add a great deal of fun to the celebration.  Before you make your selection, you need to choose one of the many college graduation themes so that you have party favors to match.

...a Hawaiian theme your party favors can include leis...

Consider the theme for a party poolside.  You can select either tropical paradise, Hawaii or go crazy with a whacked out pirate theme.  If you like the idea of a Hawaiian theme your party favors can include leis or if you want to be a little fancier, select flowered leis that light up.  These graduation party favors ideas make the celebration a little fancier.  A pirate them might include tiny swashbuckler swords, pirate hats, miniature pirate treasure chests filled with tasty treats or go crazy and get eye patches for the guests.  Tropical paradises themes can include turtle visors, mini-palm tree pens, and a shark tooth necklace or offer the guests a volcano drink in a Tiki tumbler glass that they can keep.  Of course, leave it just as a pool party and get the guest party favors like an inflatable beach ball, mini flip-flop items like picture frames or even little floating ducks.

Many types of graduation parties use themes around the activities that the graduate participated in at school.  Graduation party favors ideas for these types of parties are often easy to select.  Small footballs are great party favors for the graduate if they were a football player.  It is a fun idea for the guests and yet simple and personal at the same time.  If your graduate has their degree in literature, select their favorite book and create a theme around it.  You can also use a college graduation theme directed a specific types of literature, like English poets or American writers.  Some graduation party favors ideas might be miniature typewriters filled with candy or a special pen attached to a parchment scroll.

...consider miniature favors of the school mascot or special tins of candy decorated in their school’s colors.

Maybe your graduate would like their theme to be about the school where they graduated.  Some graduation party favors ideas for these types of high school or college graduation themes can be simple as miniature favors of the school mascot or special tins of candy decorated in their school’s colors.  Celebration champagne flutes that contain candles are another potential favor you will find for these types of themed parities.  You will find the guests love to have a little gift to take with them, and they will appreciate having something attractive that they can use later.

Select the party favors in school colors.  Find key chains with the class year for your guests as one of the graduation party favor ideas.  Also little votive candleholders with a cap and gown painted on the front or tins of mints with the graduates name and graduation date make great mementos for your guests to keep.

There are custom fortune cookies that you can provide for guests.

Graduation party favors ideas do not have to have college graduation themes for the party, other than graduation itself.  You can order bottles of water with custom labels that commemorate your graduate and her special date.  This means that you succeed in getting some of the refreshments while you also provide commemorative party favor.  There are custom fortune cookies that you can provide for guests.  Also various online stores offer personalized chocolate coins available for guests to take as a special gift.

The collection of graduation party favors ideas is unlimited.  If you like to send guests home with a little refreshment, try some bottles of sparkling cider personalized with the graduates name and date of graduation.  Bookmarkers with the name of your graduate and date of graduation are also another unique memento for your guests to take home.  The ideas are unlimited and so are the places to find something unique for your graduate’s party.  Do not forget to look for items that bear the colors of his high school or college; which make savored graduation gifts for those that also attended or are alumni from years ago.

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