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Pregnant Birthday Ideas

May 5, 2009

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If you have a friend, lover, or family member that is pregnant, then this birthday for her will no doubt be extra special.  After all, a new baby is on the way and she'll soon be a mother.  So, you'll want to come up with some great pregnant birthday gift ideas that will make her birthday a very special one.  The great thing is that some of these pregnant birthday ideas make great baby shower ideas as well.  So, whether you are attending a birthday party for a pregnant woman or you are soon to attend a baby shower, these gift ideas are great for either occasion.


 Consider a gift that will pamper the mother to be.

Gifts to Pamper the Expectant Mom
When you are looking for great pregnant birthday ideas, one of the best options to consider is a gift that will pamper the mother to be.  Going through pregnancy is often difficult.  Moms often feel sick, they feel huge, and it's hard to feel pampered when you can't even see your feet.  What many moms need is something that will make them feel pampered.  Consider a nice set of bubble baths for pregnant birthday ideas, or perhaps a nice home spa kit for the mommy to be.  Something that will make her feel womanly and pampered definitely is a great option, whether you're looking for baby shower ideas or gift ideas for her birthday.


Books on Pregnancy and Parenting
Books on pregnancy or parenting also make great pregnant birthday ideas.  This is especially a great option for a new mom, and if you're going to a baby shower for a first time mom, this is one of the best baby shower ideas to consider.  New moms may not really know what to expect from their pregnancy and the baby's birth.  There are many great books out there that provide great information and encouragement for new mothers to be.  Consider purchasing a great book for the pregnant mom that will help her out along the way.  No doubt this is one of the pregnant birthday ideas that she'll end up using again and again.


 Cute t-shirts are wonderful pregnant birthday ideas

Cute T-Shirts
Cute t-shirts are wonderful pregnant birthday ideas and baby shower ideas as well.  There are some great t-shirts out there especially made for pregnant women that have cute sayings on them.  Sometimes pregnant women feel like they have nothing nice to wear.  Well, you can change this by buying them a great t-shirt for their birthday.  Some of the t-shirt options out there for pregnant moms have hilarious sayings on them that are sure to cheer up a pregnant mom who is feeling pretty huge and hormonal.  So, take some time to find a great t-shirt that she'll enjoy wearing and that is sure to make her smile.


Gifts for Comfort
Consider going with gifts for comfort if you are trying to come up with pregnant birthday ideas for the expectant mom.  There are great gifts out there that can make her life a bit more comfortable.  One great option is a pregnancy pillow.  These pillows are designed to make it more comfortable for mom to sleep at night.  Sometimes the belly can make sleeping very uncomfortable and an expectant mom needs all the sleep that she can get.  Other great options when considering pregnant birthday ideas which are focused around comfort include nice maternity sleepwear or a nice plush robe for the expectant mom.  Even if you are looking for baby shower ideas, these comfort gives still make great gift options to give to a mom who is expecting a new baby.


 Mommy jewelry is another of the many great pregnant birthday ideas for an expectant mom.

Mommy Jewelry
Mommy jewelry is another of the many great pregnant birthday ideas for an expectant mom.  After all, women enjoy jewelry, even when they are pregnant.  There are some special options for jewelry that you can choose from which are especially designed with pregnant women in mind.  Consider a necklace with a nice pendant that is specifically designed for the mom to be.  Of course you don't have to go with any special jewelry, just a regular gift of jewelry is sure to make her smile as well, whether you are buying for her birthday or looking for baby shower ideas.


There are so many great options out there to choose from when you need pregnant birthday ideas for gifts.  Keep these simple gift ideas in mind and you'll be sure to thrill the new mom to be with her gift.  Even for baby shower ideas these gift options make wonderful gifts for any baby shower.  So, pick out one of these gifts and make the day of the new mom to be.

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