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30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

Sep 25, 2007

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If you have finally made it to your 30th wedding anniversary, you have accomplished quite a feat. No doubt you are going to want to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary with your husband by getting him the perfect husband anniversary gift to celebrate the special day.

There are many great anniversary gifts husbands are sure to like, but for this day you need to make it special. When it comes to husband anniversary gifts, you want to buy something that he will enjoy, but you also want the gift to be something that will touch him on a personal level as well. Before you buy your husband an anniversary gift, be sure that you think a bit of what he likes. You want to purchase something that reflects his tastes while still making it a thoughtful and heartfelt gift as well. The following are a few great anniversary gifts to consider for your husband on your 30th wedding anniversary.

Personalized Gifts

When you are celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary with your husband, personalized gifts can make great husband anniversary gifts. There are many different types of gifts that you can consider for your 30th wedding anniversary. Perhaps a wonderful piece of jewelry or a personalized mug would make a suitable husband anniversary gift. No matter what kind of gift you choose, just getting it personalized for him can make the gift more personal and touching.

Edible Treats

Edible treats can also make great husband anniversary gifts for your 30th wedding anniversary. While chocolate is one choice for husband anniversary gifts, there are many other edible treats that he is sure to enjoy. Wines and cheeses also make great husband anniversary gifts, as well as beer gift sets. Most men love something for their stomach, so an edible husband anniversary gift is sure to be a big hit.

Men’s Jewelry

Believe it or not, men also love jewelry. While men usually don’t wear as much jewelry as women do, they still enjoy it and it’s a great anniversary gift your husband is sure to love. Usually men don’t buy jewelry for themselves, so your 30th wedding anniversary is a great time to get your husband a gift he probably wouldn’t purchase himself. Bracelets, watches, tie tacks, necklaces, cuff links, and even earrings can make good choices for husband anniversary gifts.

Sports Oriented Gifts

Almost all men enjoy watching or playing sports. This means that sports oriented gifts can make a great husband anniversary gift for your 30th wedding anniversary. Whether he enjoys a Sunday night football game on TV or going out bowling or golfing with his buddies from time to time, this is one place to find a husband anniversary gift that he will love. There are great husband anniversary gifts for almost every sport. Consider baseball hats, sports jerseys, flags for his favorite team, golf clubs, cycling equipment, or even a new bowling ball.

Great Books

If your spouse is a bookworm, then a great husband anniversary gift may be a book. There are great books available for every type of person. When it comes to the perfect husband anniversary gift book, you will want to pick out a book that your husband will find interesting. Perhaps a biography of a favorite person or a how-to or do-it-yourself book for the guy who loves to take on projects around the home would be appropriate. An autographed copy of that favorite book may also make a great husband anniversary gift.

Tools and Gadgets

Most men enjoy various types of tools and gadgets, so why not pick out one of these gifts for your husband’s 30th wedding anniversary. Find out what tools or gadgets he’s been wanting and surprise him with it. No doubt he’ll be thrilled that you went to such trouble to get him the kind of husband anniversary gift that he really wanted. When it comes to anniversary gifts husbands enjoy, tools or gadgets are definitely going to be a hit.

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